Optimize your health and wellness with a Whole Body Cryotherapy session and a pilates class, courtesy of Cryoliving
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Optimize your health and wellness with a Whole Body Cryotherapy session and a Pilates class 
What the voucher gets you:  
  • A Whole Body Cryotherapy session; 
  • A Pilates class;  
  • 20% discount on a follow-up package of 10 cryotherapy sessions if booked on the same day.  
As we age and our bodies degenerate, we become more susceptible to illness and ailments.  
If you aren't feeling your best, living in pain and discomfort, or struggling to recover from injuries, give cryotherapy a chance. 
Cryotherapy has become very popular in America and Europe for speeding up injury and training recovery by up to 200%. It involves exposing your body to below-freezing temperatures, yet is known to be a pleasant experience. The treatment increases blood flow to the tissue by up to 400%, boosting oxygen and nutrition supply to the muscles and joints. It further releases various hormones which collectively improve the body’s ability to recover from fatigue and injuries. It has developed a reputation as the ultimate wellness treatment.
Key Benefits:
  • Sport recovery
  • Injury recovery
  • Stress relief
  • Pain management
  • Inflammation reduction
Take a look at the Details Section for a more informative account on what the process entails
The offer also includes a free Pilates class which helps to improve flexibility and strengthens your core.  
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  • Expires: 31 October 2017. 
  • Deal is valid for one person.  
  • Available until time indicated or until sold out. 
  • Valid: Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 5:30 pm). Saturday (9am - 12pm). 
  • Closed on Sundays. 
  • Kids Policy: No under 13's. 
  • Session duration: Approximately 65 minutes (15 min cryotherapy, 50 min Pilate class)  
  • Limited to 1 deal per customer. Unlimited deals as gifts but 1 deal per gift recipient.  
  • Note: Results can vary. Continuous treatments leads to long term benefits. 
  • EFT payments: Please note that you have 24 hours after placing your order to pay for your EFT. 
  • Booking is essential and subject to availability. 
  • Present printed deal to redeem. 
  • Images may be a representation. 
The Details
As we age and our bodies degenerate, we become more susceptible to illness and ailments which are often promoted by high levels of inflammation in the body
If pain and discomfort are your everyday reality; if you're suffering from injuries or inflammatory related conditions, then you should try cryotherapy.  
What is cryotherapy? 
A medical treatment that involves exposing patients to extremely cold, dry air (between -120 and -160 degrees Celsius) for 2 to 3 minutes, in what is referred to as CryoSauna. Although the treatment sounds extreme, it is completely safe and most people find it pleasurable. Clients experiencing the dry air find it more favourable than taking a cold shower.
How it works? 
  • The extremely cold air stimulates the cold receptors 0.5mm under the skin which communicates this stimulus to the part of the brain that regulates body temperature.
  • In response, the body jumps into action by changing its physiological state.
  • A key success factor of the treatment is the body’s ability to cycle through a process called vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation. This means that at first, most of the blood flows out of the skin to minimise heat exchange with the environment. Immediately after, the body restores balance by increasing blood flow, to these areas, by up to 400% to these areas. This allows for a significant influx of oxygen and nutrient supply to these regions. It also improves the body’s microcirculation in the longer term.
  • Various hormones such as beta-endorphins, nor-epinephrine and others are released which reduce pain, decrease inflammation and improves the body’s ability to heal itself.
  • For those keen on burning extra calories, the treatment drastically speeds up its metabolism as it reheats itself. Some studies suggest that up to 800 additional calories are burned from a single Whole Body Cryotherapy session.
Whole Body Cryotherapy is best understood when compared to exercise. While one training session has an impact on the body, it takes 6 weeks of frequent training to get fit and function on an improved level. Similarly, people experience benefits from cryotherapy sessions immediately but it also takes about 6 weeks of frequent sessions for the body to adapt and change its physiology. Only then does the body function at a superior level. People can expect to feel more energised, be less stressed and recover much faster than before.
For a more detailed account of Cryotherapy, please visit their website or Facebook page
For bookings or enquiries, please call: 021 823 1600 or email:cindy@cryoliving.com
4 St Claire Road 
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