Use clues to solve interesting mysteries with a Murder Mystery kit for up to 12 players from Be Part of the Mystery
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You’re never too old to play games and have fun with friends
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  • A fully downloadable Murder Mystery toolkit designed for 8 - 12 players per table - choose from over 15 murder mystery games), which include:
  • An invitation template;
  • Character descriptions;
  • A step-by-step hosting guide.
  • New range of games playable via Zoom or any online video call app!
Put on your detective hat and transform your family and friends gathering into a mystery, where you transport your guests into another time and place for just one fun-filled night.
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Nitty Gritty
  • Offer ends 30 September 2021
  • Available until time indicated or until sold out
  • Minimum recommended age: 16 years
  • Operating hours to redeem: week days (10am - 4pm); any requests received over weekends will only be fulfilled the following Monday.
  • You will receive your Murder Mystery game within 24 hours.
  • Recommended turnaround time to organise a proper mystery party: minimum 2 weeks
  • You will need a stable Internet connection and a video call app like Zoom
  • Duration of the games: approximately 2 hours
  • Minimum 3 days to email TOP SECRET characters to ensure everyone has enough time to prepare for their characters (especially the murderer), and sort out any customer costumes
  • Games are for personal use only - not for resale or commercial purposes
  • Limited to 1 deal per customer
  • 1 deals available as a gift
  • EFT payments: please note that you have 24 hours after placing your order to make payment.
  • Please note, images may be a representation.
  • Merchant cancellation policy: no refunds once redeemed online.
  • Daddy’s Deals refund policy: please note that refund requests sent after 15 October 2021 will not be accepted or processed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make a booking prior to the expiry date
The Details

Self-isolation and social-distancing needn’t be boring and lonely! Now you can play Murder Mystery games remotely with friends over Zoom or any other online video call app.

Choose to play one of the “Do It Yourself” mystery games with friends or family. You will receive all your murder mystery files including the hosting guide in your Fileshare download. Following the instructions, you and your friends can solve the mystery from the comfort of home.

Your mystery toolkit will contain all the elements needed to host a murder mystery game from home -  clue sets and reports, a mystery invitation, and character descriptions with backgrounds, motives or secrets and alibi details.

If you’re looking for an intriguing night of sleuthing and detective work with friends, look no further than Be Part Of The Mystery!

 The experience gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and transform your current reality as you get caught up in a world of danger, secrets, scandal and deceit.

Virtual games eligible for this deal:

An Electrifying Performance
During a live recording of the American Idolz competition, Phil Ronin, the fan favourite in the competition dies horribly after being electrocuted by the microphone. You can expect to wade through backstage gossip and professional envy to figure out who is responsible!
Dress code; 80’s Pop Rock
Suspects: 8

Black Gold: Rigged For Disaster
A cyclone hits during the opening of a new oil rig and guests are airlifted to shore. A bomb threat comes to light during the chaos and Alessandro Bernstein leaves the last few remaining guests in the dark to disable a bomb. Later his body is discovered covered in oil; his lungs filled with the slippery black gold.
Dress code; Smart with a Hardhat
Suspects: 8

Death Of A High School Cheerleader
The body of Jennifer Ashton, the head cheerleader, is found dead with a pom-pom stuffed down her throat under the bleachers.You will get the opportunity to go back to school and re-write history or relive the glory days while solving a hideous crime.  
Dress code; 90’s Back to School
Suspects: 8

Fraud Most Foul (Louisiana or Shanghai Edition)
Diane Armstrong is found dead in an upmarket hotel's steam room. The dilemma: she had already been declared dead a month earlier and a hefty insurance policy was paid out a few days earlier. Expect to wade through all the lies, spite and corruption of this well to do woman’s life and dig up the truth surrounding the fraudulent insurance claim and her steamy death.
Dress code; 1920’s
Suspects: 8

Shipwrecked And Under Suspicion
A ship runs aground, valuable cargo goes missing and the captain turns up dead. Expect a mystery overflowing with scandalous undercurrents, lost treasure and sabotage!
Dress code; Shipwrecked
Suspects: 8

A Marvel-Lous Death (New)
During a San Diego Comicon Zombie Walk one a real-life body is discovered. You will have to solve this geektastic mystery before you make it to Hall H.
Dress code; Character Fandom Cosplay
Suspects: 8

An Enchanted Nightmare (New)
Attending the reading of the Last Will and Testament of Dr Jack Ripper guests lose consciousness and find yourself in an enchantment that you cannot seem to be able to wake up from.
Dress code: Twisted Fairytale characters
Suspects: 8

Arctic Psycho
A series of unfortunate accidents take the lives of 4 expedition members on a voyage to Antarctica. No one can deny that a killer is on the loose after Sir Henry Evans is found dead with an ice-pick firmly lodged in his eye. Expect characters with ice in their veins and a plot that will send chills down your spine.
Dress code; 80’s Arctic Boho  
Suspects: 8

Asylum Of Murder
Tom Riddler, an inmate at the Bedlam Asylum for the mentally insane, dies horribly in the middle of a secret and controversial therapy session.
Dress code; 1920’s     
Suspects: 10

The Big Apple Shaken Not Stirred
James Bond is missing in action and presumed dead after a joint task force operation between the CIA and MI6 goes south at a Top secret laboratory. Expect a collection of captivating characters and an intriguing mystery with plenty of twists to unravel.
Dress code; 1960’s
Suspects: 10

The Bloody Grail
Kathleen Kenyon-Loret was found stabbed to death in the library; a man standing over her lifeless body and a dagger and ceremonial sword both covered in her blood beside her. In true King Arthur style, you will embark on a quest to find the Holy Grail and solve the grisly murder of one of the expedition members in the process!
Dress code; Medieval  
Suspects: 8

Horrific Hieroglyphics
Passengers on board a steamer cruising down the river Nile are shocked when a fellow guest; Professor Albert Tullie, is seen floating down the river. Join us for a game filled with mystery and treachery as suspects are transported back in time to the land of sun, sand and sarcophagus’ to unearth shocking secrets and sinister plots before solving this scorching mystery.
Dress code; 1960’s Egyptian Sass
Suspects: 8

No Parley For The Dead
At a gathering of the infamous second ‘brethren’ court, the pirate lords are shocked to discover the body of Gentleman Mufasa floating in the water… it appears he was forced to walk the plank!  
Dress code; Scallywag Pirates   
Suspects: 8

Raiders Of The Golden Incan Tombs
Stuck in the valley surrounding Machu Picchu; Nell Jackson dies an unnatural death. Earlier that day a great golden treasure was discovered by the explorers...In this remote location, the murderer must be found before he/she strikes again... clearly, someone has a mind to take the "money" and run - leaving the rest for dead!
Dress code; 70’s Groovy Tomb Raiders
Suspects: 8

Toxic Striptease - Hen Party
Rusty Cox was the evening’s entertainment at a bachelorette party but his sexy gyrating moves soon turned to convulsions as he slumped to the floor and died to the horror of the bride to be and her friends!
Dress code; Las Vegas Glitz Difficulty level; Novice (Zoom Friendly)
Suspects: 8

Voodoo In The Big Easy
Edgar Degas body is found dead hanging in the library at the annual Mardi Gras Celebration in New Orleans. Suspiciously a Voodoo doll is found in his jacket pocket and his hands tied behind his back!
Dress code; Funky Mardi Gras
Suspects: 8

Visit the website and like their Facebook page.

If you need assistance in hosting your murder mystery game, please see review mystery services options on the website, or email: [email protected]

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