Learn to declutter your home and boost your organisational skills with a one-on-one session from Unstuff My Life.
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Get rid of the clutter and transform your home into the organised, spacious and peaceful place it’s meant to be. 
This is the deal for one:
  • Introductory Clutter-Free Breakthrough Session of 45 minutes 
  • One-on-one session
  • 65% off further course sign ups
  • Free gift voucher to redeem the Kindle Version of "Declutter" — the instructor's number 1 best selling book on Amazon, which also includes a free workbook valued at more than $4.99
Everyone knows that a proper ‘spring-clean’ is as good as a holiday. There’s just something about clean and tidy spaces that make us feel liberated and help us think clearly. When it comes to our homes, the same truth applies. 
Your home is your space. It’s the place where you should be able to find peace and comfort. Instead, living in a space that’s cluttered with mess makes one feel the exact opposite — stressed out and overwhelmed. 
Decluttering is an essential part of one’s life, it’s one of the best self-care regimes that contributes to improved mental and physical well-being. Take this online session with Lizelle, a certified organisational specialist, and start making your home the space it was designed to be!
Instructor’s Credentials 
  • Number 1 Best Selling Author
  • Founder of DeclutterPro (TM) & the T10 Method (TM)
  • Certified Organizational Specialist
  • More than 20 years experience creating simple and easy living spaces
  • Accomplished columnist in popular décor magazine
  • Experienced Stylist for several décor titles and corporate brands
  • 7 years experience doing room & home make-overs for several décor titles
  • Hosted creative living workshops nationwide
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  • Offer ends 30 June 2020
  • Deal is valid for one session
  • A free voucher to redeem the Kindle Version of "Declutter" will be received upon purchased & redeemed deal 
  • Available until time indicated or until sold out
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The Details
Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Don’t wait until more mess starts piling up - start the transformation process now and unstuff your life.
About the instructor 
Course instructor, Lizelle, has crafted unique methods and approaches to creating simple and easy living spaces, fast. With background experience as a stylist for decor titles and brands, she’s developed the perfect formula for helping you to declutter your home, one step at a time — making your life simple, more organised and stress-free. 
Benefits of decluttering your home
  • It’s a therapeutic form of self-care that promotes good mental well-being.
  • You’ll free up more space, resulting in more breathing room for you and your family.
  • Spend less time on managing ‘things’ and trying to constantly clean or tidy up unnecessary items.
  • You’ll have more energy to do things that really matter, like exercise or meditate.
  • The less clutter there is in your home, the more you’ll feel at peace and free to do what’s important in your life. 
  • Less distractions from the mess gives you the chance of being present, enjoying the moment with yourself or your loved ones. 
  • You’ll be able to focus better and make clear decisions instead of thinking about the clutter surrounding you. 
  • Choosing to own less often leads to purchasing less, which essentially means you’ll be saving more money. 
More about this session
  1. Create a crystal clear vision for the clutter-free results you want in your home, where to start and what it will take to make it happen - fast.
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your decluttering efforts and draining your energy to get it done. 
  3. Leave our session renewed, re-energized, inspired and ready to break free from the clutter and breathe again

Plus, you'll enjoy reading through and implementing the strategies outlined in the free "Unclutter" Kindle Book and Workbook you'll receive upon purchasing and redeeming your voucher. 

A few testimonials 

"What I found extremely valuable with our time was that you encouraged me to refocus on this one space and complete it and identify the on-going maintenance it’ll require. Asking me “what is in that space now?” made me acknowledge what is actually causing the clutter, instead of just glossing over it. I felt inspired and confident that I could keep going and I will have structured support in that journey."
"Our sessions have been so ENCOURAGING. You break it down into small achievable bites. It reminds me of the old joke- Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. This is how you make what has seemed impossible for so long look possible. I also have been such a procrastinator so knowing you will be calling me and I will be sharing my progress is motivating. This motivation is wonderful- it helps kill the procrastination, putting it out of the picture. I have been enjoying the benefits of clear counters in my kitchen as a result of the first bite of this elephant. It is freeing to have support from someone who has experience in this area! Also is encouraging when you say there's no judgment. I have probably been my worst critic, giving myself negative feedback at my lack of progress, or lack of ability to maintain when I had made progress in the past…so no criticism or judgment is like a breath of fresh air. I appreciate the hope this experience it's giving me already! This is Major, having hope that I will have a house that I don't feel embarrassed about."

To find out more, please visit the Unstuff my Life website

Author: KM
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