Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

What is Daddy’s Deals all about?

We email out the very hottest deals from hand-picked merchants on something cool to see, do or buy in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, Garden Route, Eastern Cape as well as online offers. We feature these deals here on our website and we spread the word via social media. You have to be quick – deals sell out quickly. There is no charge to receive our mails - you get to buy something when you’re good and ready.

How does Daddy’s Deals get these unbelievable deals?

We negotiate amazing discounts with the right businesses by offering them access to our great database of Daddy's Deals fans. They get lots of new customers, you get a bargain, and everyone wins.

I love it! I want in. How do I register?

If you haven’t signed up for our mailers yet, then get in on the action - do that here. Then sit back and wait for the deals to roll in. Please note that if you only signed up for our mailers, you won't be able to buy so make sure you create your own profile on the site. For your convenience, you may create any password you wish.
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I want to buy a deal, how do I get it?

Simple — just click ‘Buy now’, register quickly if you haven’t yet and you’ll be taken through the checkout. You may pay with all major credit and debit cards, Instant EFT or by electronic funds transfer (EFT). You may also purchase with Discovery Miles.

You may also give a deal as a gift. At checkout, look out for the 'Add gift recipient' link, then simply enter the lucky person's name and email address.

If everything’s in order with your order, we’ll email you a link to print your unique redemption code. And that’s it — you’re ready to enjoy your first amazing experience.

How long do I have to use my deal?

Most vouchers last at least 3 months - always check the expiry date and make a note of it.

Is the Daddy’s Deals website safe to use?

Absolutely. Daddy's Deals works with well known, safe and secure payment platforms to handle your transaction, so you can shop online with complete peace of mind.

I bought a deal — now what?

Once you’ve completed checkout, you will receive 2 emails: one will confirm that you’ve just made a credit/debit card payment or an EFT; the second will be your actual redemption code. This email will include things like an address, contact information, and it will tell you exactly what to do, whether it’s taking the printed code along to the restaurant, or calling an establishment to make a booking or activating something, etc. It will all be super-clear, we promise.

I’ve deleted the email. Oops.

No worries, all your orders will be listed under My Account in the top right corner, as soon as you’re logged in. When you log in on your Daddy’s Deals profile, you will see in the top right corner “Hello, Piet”. When you click on that, you will see ‘’My Deals’’. You will be able to print your redemption code from your profile.

Can I buy a Daddy’s Deal as a gift?

Of course, Daddy’s Deals make awesome gifts (unless, in rare cases, gifting is not allowed). You might not be into something but it could be the perfect thing for your boss/ girlfriend/ cousin/ neighbour/ yoga instructor. On every Deal, you’ll notice a button that says ‘Send as a gift’. This will take you to a page where you enter your gift recipient's name and email address, and proceed through checkout as normal. We will then notify your friend that they’ve received a gift, and how to redeem it.

I’d like my business to be featured.

Great! Find out more in the ‘Business’ section of this FAQ.

If I tell my friends about Daddy’s Deals, do I get rewarded?

Funny you should ask — yes! Enter Daddy’s Rewards. For every friend you refer who ends up buying a Deal, you’ll get R50 credit to use on Daddy’s Deals. For more info, check out our Rewards FAQs section.

Where is Daddy’s Deals based?

Our Head Office is in Cape Town with local offices in Gauteng and Durban. If you’d like to get hold of us, please contact us.


I can’t log into my account.

If you can’t get in, make sure you’ve got the right username/password combo. Otherwise, it could be that you’re signed up for our newsletters but that you haven’t registered on our site yet. Register now and we’ll sort you right out.

I can’t remember my password...

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Simply visit the forgotten password page, enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Note: there might be a bit of a delay before you get it so please be patient with us.

Remind password

I bought a deal — now what?

Once you’ve completed checkout, you will receive 2 emails: one will confirm that you’ve just made a credit/debit card payment; the second will be your actual voucher. This voucher email will include things like a map and the address of where you’re going, and it will tell you exactly what to do, whether it’s taking the voucher along to the restaurant, or calling an establishment to make an appointment or activating something, etc. It will all be super-clear, we promise.

Which types of payments do you accept?

Daddy’s Deals accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs).

How does it work with EFTs, when do I get my voucher?

It's easy: you pay the required amount into our bank account, with a unique reference number, which we'll provide on screen when you buy and also in the confirmation email we send you.

You have till two business days after the deal ends to make this payment and send us the confirmation. You must send the proof of payment to [email protected] along with your name and reference number.

On confirmation receipt of your deposit, we will email you your voucher. This should happen within 12 business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm).

Please note: all payments must be received no later than two business days after the deal ends.

I didn’t receive my voucher?

Vouchers are only emailed out once the deal you bought has closed — that is when the countdown on the website elapses. If it’s past that time, it might be that it got stuck in your Junk Mail folder. This is due to rising Internet security standards so to be on the safe side, add [email protected] to your Safe Senders list in your contacts.

If it’s not in Junk either, no worries. You can always access your purchases in the Account part of the site. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see it says ‘Hello, Zet’ (or whatever your username is) in the top righthand corner. Click on the arrow, then My Coupons, then the link with the offer you want and you’ll be able to view/print it from there. Happy days!

Can I return a voucher?

Payments made to Daddy's Deals will only be refunded in cash within 5 working days of your confirmed purchase. Please email your request to [email protected] and include the relevant voucher code. Any refunds requested after 5 working days of purchase will be converted into credits and will be added to your profile, and can be used for your next purchase. Please note that credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

Should the refund be approved as per terms and conditions stated on this website, please note the following:

  • Credit Card purchases will be refunded directly to the Credit Card. In instances where this is not possible, an EFT will be processed and payment made into the purchasers confirmed bank account.
  • EFT purchases will be refunded to the Bank Account as confirmed in writing by the purchaser.
  • You may request to be refunded in Daddy's Deals store credits. Please note that store credits, once loaded on your profile, can never be paid out to you in cash. Store credits retain their value, and can be used against the majority of our deals, with the exception of certain deals as stipulated on a case-by-case basis within the deal's Nitty Gritty.

** Please provide your Bank Account information when requesting a cash refund, so that we are able to refund you. The information required is as followed:

  1. Banking Institution (ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB, NedBank, etc.)
  2. Bank Account Type (Cheque, Transaction, Savings, etc.)
  3. Bank Account Number
  4. Branch / Branch Code


Do I need to print my deal?

Yes, unless the PDF redemption code says otherwise. Make sure you have access to a printer before you buy.

When can I first use my deal(s)?

Everything you need to know will be printed on your PDF redemption code, as well as in the ‘Nitty Gritty’ part of the offer. Usually, deal can be used straight away assuming the merchant is able to assist you.

When will my deal expire?

You will find the expiration date stated on your PDF redemption code, as well as in the ‘Nitty gritty’ part of the offer.

Do I need my ID to redeem my deal?

Yes, it’s probably a good idea to bring along your ID when redeeming your deal, so they know it’s really you. For a gift, ask your friend to bring along his/her ID when redeeming. Businesses might ask for these details to prevent fraud.

If I buy a package deal or more than one deal, how many will I get?

You will always receive a separate redemption code for each product or service you buy. So make sure you get all of them, or access them through the My Coupons part of our site (when you’re logged in, of course).

Are the deals transferable?

Unfortunately not. 

Can I use a little bit of my deal now and keep some for later?

‘Fraid not. Deals can’t be split and you cannot receive store credit or cash back. Daddy’s Deals are best enjoyed in one sitting so go on, treat yourself.

Can I use a Daddy’s Deal with any other offers or specials?

Now, now, don’t be greedy. Sorry, but no. Only if the deal says you can.


What’s your reward scheme all about?

We believe Daddy’s Deals are just too good to keep to yourself. What’s more, deals this good are just made for sharing. So if you see something you think a friend will like, then tell them and if they sign up within 72 hours and buy a deal, we’ll reward you with R50. That’s R50 off your next Deal, and if you get enough friends onboard, you might even get a Deal for free!

Brilliant! How do I recommend someone to Daddy’s Deals?

On every deal you’ll see a link which you can use to send invitations via Twitter, Facebook or email. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw credit when the recommendation function is being abused.

I haven’t received my free credit?

Your friend has to create a Daddy’s Deals account for the first time and has to buy a deal within 72 hours of the referral. We then wait 7 days to see if the deal isn’t cancelled or withdrawn, and to ensure that his/her payment went through successfully. After that, you’ll get your money, we promise.

How long is my credit valid for?

Six months so don’t forget to use it.

How can I spend my credits?

You can use your credit on any deal with us, and you redeem it on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the deal then whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next deal. So be sure to tick the box to use your credit when you checkout.


I’d like my business featured on Daddy’s Deals. How?

It’s very simple — just give us a call on 0861 333 257 or email [email protected]. One of our Account Managers will be in touch and will assist you in coming up with the best deal possible. You just need to help us out with some photos and wording. It costs absolutely nothing to set up.

How do you make money then?

We take a percentage cut from each deal soldr and you get the rest. There is no start-up fee, marketing fee, or any other hidden costs. For a detailed explanation with regards to payments please feel free to contact us and we will take you through this step by step, ensuring you are fully informed. 

Who will see Daddy’s Deals?

The deal you offer will be put in front of tens of thousands of subscribers in your local area through our regular email run. Urban professionals with a big appetite for new experiences, these are just the kind of go-getters you want as customers. Subscribers then use social media to share your deal with friends, enabling your offer to quickly spread via word of mouth. Remember, that it is up to you to ensure your services are as superior as possible to assist in that word of mouth promoting.    

How do I decide what offer to run?

A Daddy’s Deals Account Manager will help you decide on the best deal that ensures Daddy's Deals cover the direct cost of a customer visiting your establishment whilst offering customers the best possible deal.

When can people first redeem their deals?

Customers can redeem their redemption code as soon as they receive it via their registered email address, based on availability as confirmed by the merchant. The PDF redemption code will include all information needed to make a booking directly with the merchant