Hair botox is your hair's new bestie

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In a world where we’re constantly exposed to Insta-model hairstyles and Beyonce-esque hair flips online, it’s easy to get a bit of hair envy. The good news is that there is a multitude of new and exciting styles, techniques and products that can get you looking and feeling exactly how you want.
One of the newer and more trendy solutions is hair botox.
What exactly is hair botox?
Hair botox is not to be confused with the botox solution used for skin (Botulinum Toxin), but is anti-ageing in the sense that it repairs and rejuvenates hair, restoring fibres and leaving it silky, shiny and more youthful-looking.
The treatment is suitable for all hair types and though it might sound quite clinical, is more like a deep conditioning treatment for dry or damaged hair (perfect for the end of a long and dreary winter).
While not all salons do things exactly the same, typically the treatment will be applied to your hair after being washed with a detoxing or clarifying shampoo, and will be left for roughly 45 minutes before being washed out.
Everyone is different, but the treatment usually lasts between 2-4 months if you treat it right, e.g. using a sulphate-free shampoo.
What are the benefits?
  • Restores & hydrates dry and damaged hair.
  • Promotes hair growth and length.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Frizz reduction.
  • Plumps-up the hair.
  • Reduces knots and tangles in hair.
  • Adds shine.
  • Lifts colour.

How is it different from a Brazilian blow wave?

Often promoted as an alternative to Brazilian blow-out treatments, hair botox won’t give you the same silky straight hair, but is a good alternative for people with finer hair who find a Brazilian keratin treatment too heavy. Generally, it is considered a nice touch up in between Brazilian blow waves.
Brazilian keratin treatment
This treatment specifically aims to defrizz and straighten hair. It first reinfuses and seals the lost keratin content within the hair. The keratin hair treatment mends and strengthens these bonds, and then the formaldehyde solution keeps the hair straight. This treatment takes longer and requires straightening to activate, but lasts longer than hair botox and has a straighter finish.
Hair botox
Hair botox doesn’t actually contain chemicals. Instead, it is made up of organic materials that regulate the hair’s absorption of vitamins and proteins. Essentially, hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment that moisturises, smooths and defrizzes. The fact that it doesn’t contain chemicals like formaldehyde makes it universally useable – even for pregnant women or women who are nursing children!
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