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We offer go-getters a way to enjoy awesome deals at a smidgeon of the price. We scour the planet looking for the very best experiences around, and bring you offers on things that will tantalise your senses and more.

We're talking fabulous holidays, meals at top-notch restaurants or just something completely new like hot air ballooning or naked wine tasting (just kidding).

We're proudly South African and think it's time to do things differently. With us, you can look forward to:

Less is more

Less is more

The very hottest deals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, along with other ad hoc special offers and more

Wow deals

Expect the unexpected

Deals from legendary brand names (and from new brands you'll enjoy meeting), on things that you'll love to have.


The deal is always yours

We won't make you wait for 6 trillion people to buy to get what you want.

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