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1. How does this work?
Club Daddy gives you additional savings on every deal on the Daddy’s Deal website, exclusive deals, early access to Hot Deals and other special campaigns, and VIP customer support for only R99 per month.
2. How many deals can I use Club Daddy for per month?
There is no limit to how often you use Club Daddy.
3. Do I need to be a Daddy’s Deals member?
To sign up to Club Daddy, you first have to be registered with Daddy’s Deals. If you’re not yet registered, Register a new account and then upgrade to Club Daddy on your profile.
4. How do I leave Club Daddy?
Leaving Club Daddy is simple and straightforward. Just email cancellations@daddysdeals.co.za and you won’t be billed again. (unfortunately you also won’t be able to access the additional savings and other benefits going forward)