Knysna Accommodation

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Why Stay in Knysna? 

Knysna is one of Cape Town and the Garden Route’s best-kept secrets. It has a frequent amount of local and international travelers yearly and is a beautiful city escape. Knysna is also known for its lush forests, large lakes, and delightful beaches.

Knysna is located in the middle of Garden Route which means it’s easy to access as well as the other experiences around the area.

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What are The Top Things To Do in Knysna?

Knysna Lagoon

Knysna Lagoon is home to beautiful aquatic marine life and different species of birds. These lagoons give you access to impeccable views of the mountains around town.

Buffalo Bay

Buffalo Bay, or Buffelsbaai, is a tiny seaside village not far from Knysna that has all the area’s best beaches. The bay is known for its soft gold sand and guarded swimming conditions.

Thesen Islands

Going to Knysna isn’t complete without a visit to Thesen Islands and is within walking distance of the scenic Knysna waterfront.

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