1. Please note that any deals sold prior to Thursday, 24 March 2022, will be available on our old redemption system secure.daddysdeals.co.zaThe login details provided previously will continue to work on this system.
  2. Any deals that were live and sold from Thursday 24 March 2022 onwards will be available on the new redemption system redemption.daddysdeals.co.za. Log in information will be provided once the first offer is sold, and an automated email will be sent to the approved user.
  3. The old website still makes use of the PDF / redemption code format you are used to seeing.
  4. The new website now issues a QR code – however please note that it also includes the voucher code alphanumeric combination. This means you can either redeem using your phone camera (please click the link that pops up on the screen – you can then log in and redeem) OR you can redeem on the new system via desktop by typing in the code.
  5. There is no longer a PDF option on the new site – customers will either provide the QR code OR the full alphanumeric code, either on forwarded email OR via their deal / code link.
  6. Please note that order numbers start with # and are NOT confirmed / paid for deals – please only accept the redemption codes as per the format stated.

Please contact admin@daddysdeals.co.za should you need further assistance