Beer Tasting In Cape Town

Beer Tasting In Cape Town

Cape Town, The Mother City of South Africa, is home to majestic mountains, lush gardens, vast vineyards, excellent restaurants, and vibey bars. It’s a widely acknowledged fact that Cape Town is also famous for its award-winning vineyards. However, let’s not forget about Cape Town’s growing craft beer culture that is taking the city by storm! So grab a few of your best friends and take advantage of this new thing to do in Cape Town with our list of the best beer tasting places in Cape Town.

Boston Breweries

Boston Breweries offers the ultimate beer tasting experience that will give you a WHOLE new appreciation for the craft of beer making. Their of private brewery tours and tastings by appointment that showcases a behind-the-scenes look into the everyday processes of beer making. You will be guided by one of their passionate staff members that will give you in-depth insight into their craft beer across their diverse range of beers. This brewery sets itself apart from the rest by having a hands-on approach to the craft of beer making. So make sure to book your beer tasting tour with Boston Breweries to explore all they have to offer.  


Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery is a popular spot amongst locals for enjoying the best craft beer on their menu. Situated in the heart of Woodstock, you will find one of the best craft breweries in the country. They offer great insight into the brewing process and what goes into making their signature craft beer. Get your beer tasting tray served in their beer garden while you enjoy the vibe Woodstock is known for. Don’t miss out on their seasonal beers for something different, such as their craft beers brewed with vanilla pods. 

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Beer House

If you are looking for a vibey atmosphere with delicious craft beers, busy people, and upbeat music, then Beer House is the place for you. However, if you are more interested in the end result of the brewing process, then check out Beer House. Known for the variety of tap and bottle beers from South Africa AND their selection of international labels, Beer House is another popular spot amongst locals. So grab a few friends and expand your palate with their wide selection and find your favourite beer amongst the bustle of the city of Cape Town!


Newlands Brewery

The Newlands Brewery has a rich history in the craft of beer making. This brewery has been around since 1820, and with a history like theirs, you just know that a beer tasting and brewery tour with them will be filled with in-depth information and intense taste. 


Learn about the brewery’s history, daily processes, and how they have adapted throughout the years to the craft of brewing beer while still maintaining their own individuality. Then, at the end of the brewery tour, try their wide variety of craft beers with a new appreciation of how the beers you are sampling came to be. Quick tip: make sure to book your place on tour ahead of time as these tours are very popular and places get filled up quite quickly. 


Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House

While this pub in Cape Town, formerly known as the Mitchell’s Brewery, is no longer a functioning brewery, beer lovers must try out its beer tasting menu. With a selection of 16 draught beers on tap to choose from, you won’t be disappointed after a visit to Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House. Enjoy mountain and harbour views, a fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and a food and drink menu that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. Enjoy your beers with live entertainment and build up the courage to take the dance floor. Drinking and being merry is what you can expect at Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House. 


Jack Black’s Brewing Company

You have the best of everything when visiting Jack Black’s Brewing Company. First, enjoy an educational brewery tour where you can learn all about the processes of brewing craft beer and discover the ingredients as well as the equipment they use to make their beer stand out from the rest. Then, once you have completed your tour, you can pop into the taproom, where you have your choice of their craft beers, including old favourites, limited editions, and seasonal brews.


Darling Brew Tasteroom

Darling Brew offers a wide range of beers in the hippy neighbourhood of Woodstock. Whether you are a local or a visitor, you must check out this spot known for its upbeat atmosphere and diverse range of craft beers. You can’t be a beer lover and not pop in for a beer tasting at the Darling Brew. They brew a wide range of premium specialty beers, including traditional lagers, ales, oat ales, pale ales, IPAs, wheat beers, and exotic darks. Brewed and processed with quality ingredients and expert processes, you’ll fall in love with not just one but multiple beers offered by Darling Brew. 


Devil’s Peak Brewery

A wide selection of craft beer and a hearty meal is what you can expect from Devil’s Peak Brewery. Located in the hidden gem Salt River, the taproom is always a popular spot to enjoy a beer tasting experience with a hip and upbeat atmosphere. An added feature of the Devil’s Peak Brewery is the equipment on show, with a peak into their brewing process. This is a must-visit if you enjoy craft beer, delicious food, and a great space to enjoy with friends.   

A little bit of history, a little bit of knowledge, and a lot of fun! This is all you could ask for from beer tasting in Cape Town. Pick ANY of these fantastic breweries and bars for beer tasting, OR just visit them all. Another quick tip: Cape Town boasts a number of beer festivals, including the Cape Town Festival of Beer, where you can find a wide variety of beers to try with a range of foods and fun live entertainment. 

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