The Best Deals on Personal Care and Beauty

Are you all about self-care and maintaining your beauty? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best deals on personal care and beauty. You read that right; maintaining your beauty and personal care doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, we know beauty treatments don’t come cheap. That’s why we have these fantastic deals.   

Cape Town Beauty and Spa  

1. Beard and Neck Shaping Laser Hair Removal Package 

Beard and Neck Shaping Laser Hair Removal Package

Beauty treatments aren’t just for women, they are for men as well. So take full advantage of this laser hair removal offer. You can eliminate unwanted hair around your neck and beard line area.   

Cost: R 300 for 1 person 

Valid till: 31 March 2023 

Location: Grove Building, 1st Floor, 8 Pearce Road Claremont, Cape Town 


2. A Signature Facial 

A woman getting a facial

You have to know that taking care of your skin is important. This is why you will find this deal really interesting. Treat yourself to a professional facial at S&S Aesthetics and have your pores taken care of.   

Cost: R 550 for 1 person  

Valid till: 31 March 2023  

Location: 1 Mediterranean Street (6th floor), Foreshore  

Contact: 021 879 4291 

3. Get a Stimulating Facial Peel in Cape Town

A woman getting a facial

Get your skin glowing with a stimulating facial peel from Alchemy in Cape Town. Your skin goes through a significant amount of stress daily. This can strip it from its natural glow. That’s why a facial from Alchemy can do you wonders   

Cost: R 369 for 1 person   

Valid till: 31 March 2023   

Location: Corner of Riebeek Street and Long Street (Inside Precision Beauty) Cape Town City Centre 


4. Dan Ne La Beauty Spa Pamper Package

Dan Ne La Beauty Spa Pamper Package

You work really hard to take care of your responsibilities. So, you need to take care of yourself too. But, more importantly, you should take a break and use this pamper package from Dan Ne La Beauty Spa. With this deal, you have several different massage options which will help you relax.   

Cost: R 369 for 1 person    

Valid till: 31 March 2023    

Location: 2 Northbank Lane Island Club Hotel Century City Cape Town, ZA 

Contact: 069 473 1011 

Durban Deals on Personal Care and Beauty   

5. Pamper Package for 2 People in Morningside 

Pamper Package for 2 People in Morningside

This deal might be for you if you want something relaxing to do with a friend or partner. With this pamper package in Morningside, you can get three great pamper treatments. This includes a full body, foot, and relaxing head massage. Now, doesn’t that sound perfect?   

Cost: R 349 for 2 person     

Valid till: 31 March 2023     

Location: 340 Mathews Meyiwa Road (Stanford Rd) Morningside Durban 

Contact: 031 303 7175 

6. 1 Hour 15 mins Pamper Package in Umhlanga Rocks 

 Pamper Package in Umhlanga Rocks

You work hard day in and day out, and taking a break to relax may seem unnecessary. But you need it! To be more specific, your body needs it. You can get just that with this Lagoon Spa pamper package. With this package, you get a Swedish massage, head massage, foot massage and a facial. All of which will give you the relaxation your body needs.   

Cost: R 199 for 1 person      

Valid till: 31 March 2023      

Location: Shop 16 Umhlanga Plaza Lagoon Dr Umhlanga Rocks  

Contact: 066 227 4847 

7. A Colour or Botox Hair Treatment in Morningside 

A Colour or Botox Hair Treatment in Morningside

The best way to change up your look is by changing the colour of your hair. Or perhaps you want to add some new life to your hair. You can get either hair treatment with this online deal from Bellissimo Hair Studio & Spa. Add some extra shine to your hair or change your look with this online deal.   

Cost: R 299 for 1 person       

Valid till: 31 March 2023       

Location: 207 7th Avenue, Florida Road, Morningside, Durban, KZN, 4001, ZA   

Contact: 061 518 7386

8. Gel Nail and Gel Toes Deal

Gel Nail and Gel Toes Deal

When your hands and feet look good, you feel good. With that in mind, gel polish manicures and pedicures are by far the best. Lagon Spa Beauty and Aesthetics gives you the opportunity to gel nails and toenails at the most affordable price.   

Cost: R 129 for 1 person        

Valid till: 31 March 2023        

Location: Shop 16 Umhlanga Plaza Lagoon Dr Umhlanga Rocks    

Contact: 066 227 4847 

Johannesburg Deals on Personal Care and Beauty

9. One night Stay and Massages  

One night Stay and Massages
Photo Courtesy of Arcadian Spa Lodge

Are you looking for a way to relax and spoil that special someone? Then this deal is exactly what you need. Arcadian Spa Lodge offers you a one-night stay at the luxury resort and a 40-minute couples aromatherapy massage. So now you get to relax and get away from your regular life.   

Cost: R 999 for 2 people        

Valid till: 31 March 2023        

Location: 7 Donovan Street, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, Johannesburg, 1685, ZA 

Contact: 010 880 0122 

10. The French Clinic pamper Package  

The French Clinic pamper Package

Chances are you take care of a number of things each day. But have you ever thought of taking two hours for yourself? Simply take two hours and spoil yourself with a The French Clinic pamper package. This package will include a facial, body massage, reflexology treatment and an Indian head massage. Yes, this can all be done in two hours.  

Cost: R 349 for 1 person         

Valid till: 31 March 2023         

Location: 4c Hawley Road, Bedfordview 

Contact: 082 824 6751 

11. Deluxe Mani and Pedi Combo 

Deluxe Mani and Pedi Combo

Are you tired of your manicure chipping a few days after doing it? Well, switch things up by getting a deluxe mani and pedi. La Rocka Beauty Bar does a gelish manicure and pedicure. This gel is much thicker, allowing your manicure to last much longer. Go ahead and give it a try!    

Cost: R 269 for 1 person          

Valid till: 31 March 2023          

Location: 264 Pritchard Street, Randburg 

Contact: 061 586 5148 

12. Healing Flower Thai Spa Pamper Package  

Healing Flower Thai Spa Pamper Package 

Did you know that your body holds most of your stress in your muscles? That’s why you feel stiff and tight. Have some of that tension released with a Healing Flower Thai Spa pamper package. In this package, you will receive a full body massage, a facial and back scrub or foot massage. Talk about a full-body experience.   

Cost: R 249 for 1 person           

Valid till: 31 March 2023           

Location: 9 Topaas Avenue, Douglasdale, Sandton, 2196 Johannesburg, South Africa 

Contact: 065 633 0162  

We have several fantastic personal care and beauty deals in each of the major cities of South Africa. Now, we have you covered if you are looking for deals within the same category but in other locations. Go ahead and browse through the rest of our best deals on personal care and beauty treatments.   

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