Things To Do In Atlantis Dunes

Check Out The Atlantis Dunes In Cape Town

Atlantis Dunes is a not-so-hidden gem located in Cape Town. Covering a distance of 32 km, you can visit this stunning location popular amongst quad bikers, sandboarders, and even those looking for a spectacular scenic setting. 

Atlantis Dunes is part of the Witzands Aquifer Nature reserve. It’s known for its 50 metre high sand dunes, which will most likely leave you with a gobsmacked look on your face all throughout your visit. The Witzands Aquifer Nature reserve is home to a variety of rare animals and plant life that complement the stunning scenery throughout the reserve. While this magnificent reserve seems like a faraway place, much to many people’s surprise, it is only a 45-minute drive from Cape Town. Now that you have officially added Atlantis Dunes to your bucket list let’s look at the ultimate guide to the Atlantis Dunes. 

Entry fees and permits 

When visiting the Atlantis Dunes, it’s important to remember that there is an entrance fee that will act as your permit, granting you access to the dunes. This fee goes towards maintaining the reserves’ pristine environments. There are a variety of fun activities you can participate in when you go to the Atlantis Dunes, such as quad biking, sand surfing, etc. There are different fees attached to whatever activity you would like to do. Here is an up-to-date list of the entrance fees based on your activity of choice:

Sandboarding: Adult; R68

                          Child/Pensioner/Student; R42

4×4 / Off-road: Per vehicle (4 adults); R205

                           Extra adult; R50

                           Extra child; R32

Quad Bike/ motorcycle: Per vehicle; R118

Walk-in: Adult/Child/Pensioner; Free


Things to do at Atlantis Dunes

Wild X Adventures

Do you want to have a dune experience like no other? Then take a trip to the Atlantis dunes and take advantage of the Wild X Adventures Thrill. Regardless of whether you live for the outdoors or are a hermit wanting to shake up your mundane routine, Wild X Adventures has you covered.

Enjoy this incredible adventure which includes a Jeep tour, a quad bike ride, and glamboarding through the silky sands of the dunes. Although this combo is reserved for one, we are sure that some of your family members or friends won’t be able to resist this once (or more than once) in a lifetime adrenaline rush.

Duration: 60 minutes for the jeep ride, glamboarding for 60 minutes, and quadbike ride for 60 minutes.

Total time – 3 hours 

Daddy’s Deal: R1499 for 1 person

Operating times: Monday – Saturday; 7am – 7pm. Sunday – 8am – 5pm 

Minimum age: 12 years old with a trained guide, and 13 years or older are allow to ride the quadbikes with previous riding experience. 


Want to ease your way into the dune experience? Why not try On-Tours sandboarding? Whether it’s an activity that has piqued your interest or the intrigue of a family member or friend, bring them along for this wonderful outing for two. This fun-filled challenge is sure to leave a lasting imprint on you and those you cherish the most.


Duration: 2 hours 

Daddy’s deal: R549 for 2 people

Operating times: 10 am and 2 pm

Minimum age: 4 years old


Check out our adventure deals:


Quad Bike Tours

If you are the ultimate adrenaline junky, then you have to experience the Atlantis Dunes through a quad biking tour that ventures through the peaks and dips of this majestic paradise. This is the perfect activity for those who are not fans of long walks but still want to enjoy the dunes in all their beauty. For those who are novices when it comes to quad biking, rest assured that there are quad biking tours that offer automatic bikes that are very easy to use and comfortable to swerve and twirl throughout the sandy terrain.

If you are looking for an experienced quad biking tour guide, look no further than Wildsand Tours. They offer an informative safety session in preparation for your guided quad biking tour.

Duration: 1 hour session

Price: R550 for 1 person

Operating times: Monday – Sunday (8 am – 5 pm) 

Minimum age: Children 12 and younger are only allowed to go on rides as passenger. Children 13 and older with quad-biking experience can drive on their own. 


Filming and Photography In The Atlantis Dunes

If you are a film or photography fan, Atlantis Dunes HAS to be added to your list of must-see places in Cape Town. With its white sandy dunes and far-reaching landscape, you will get stunning Instagram-worthy pictures.

You can hire your own photographer or give Atlantis Dunes a call to arrange an epic photoshoot.

Restaurants near Atlantis Dunes

Once the fun is done, it’s time to enjoy some delicious local food to renew your energy! Let’s look at a few restaurants near Atlantis Dunes that will leave you feeling filled and satisfied. 

Damhuis Beach Restaurant

Grab a bite to eat in a South African National Monument. Enjoy some tasty seafood and a variety of traditional South African dishes at Damhuis Beach Restaurant, located just 14 minutes away in one of Cape Town’s oldest buildings. Damhuis boasts a rich history with scenic views that will complete an incredible day. 

Sunbird Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy a variety of fusion-style Tapas and truly authentic wood-fired pizza at Sunbird Restaurant & Bar. Embrace all this restaurant offers while you take in the incredible panoramic views and quaint atmosphere.  

The Melkbos Kitchen

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can always pop in at The Melkbos Kitchen. This is a great spot for everyone to enjoy items ranging from eggs Benedict to wraps to building your own meal! Enjoy delicious food while the west coast breeze keeps you refreshed and content.    

Atlantis Dunes has something for everyone. Whether you want to experience a thrilling rush, or just enjoy the majestic view, it’s easy to see why the dunes attract thousands of visitors every year. Don’t miss out on all the fun to be had! You can also find great deals that will surely get you excited to visit the Atlantis Dunes ASAP!

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